Alf's Life and Stuff:
About Me ⭐ Goals ⭐
Pronouns: Any (Default He/Him to be easy)
Birthday: 4/21
⭐ Collect every "Year of the" Celebration AD
⭐ Collect every Battle Center AD and their best item through 2016

I play this because it's my girlfriend's favorite game, learning slowly :)

Other Games I Play Rank Username
Valorant Alf#Alf
League of Legends Alf

Year Missing Goal ADs/Items
2016 Lily Of The Valley AD, Rock And Roll AD, Summer Waters AD, Slice of Life AD, Jar Of Lemonade, Found Treasure, Thread, Melancholy Poet AD, Snowdrift AD
2017 Messenger of Peace AD, Peaceful Hair, Sweet Treat AD
2018 Western Rogue AD, Western Rogue Hat, Neapolitan Swirl Cone, Nightmare Eater Sprinkles, Bookworm AD, Hot Cocoa Drink
2019 Porcelain AD, Mail Kid AD, Lucky Rabbit AD, Froggy Flower Friend AD, Forget Me Not AD, Pride AD, Cozy Coat
2023 ⭐COMPLETE (To Date)⭐

ADs I Need